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We are recruiting typesetters and cleaners!

For basically all of out projects, focusing mainly on Akuma to Love Song at the moment. Although typesetters are also needed for Sorairo Kaigan. 🙂

Anyone interested or that has no clue about any of this can please email, I’ll happily guide you and try to teach you to the best of my abilities. 😀


Chapter 3 of Ouji ka Prince is here!

Sorry for the delay!

Our partner had some error with their email, so the chapter had a bump on the road..

Well here they are!:

Download: [Here]

Read Online: [Here]

Hope you enjoy the next chapter, more will be coming soon~

Akuma to Love Song Chapter 53!

It’s been a while since our last release, here’s Akuma to Love Song chapter 53!

Download: [Here]

Read Online: [Here]

Hope you enjoy this scanlation~ ^^

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years!
Let’s hope this new year brings good luck to all of us~
Hopefully things will go right around here too, and that we release several new chapters this year~!
Sadly, there is no new years release, although, you can look forward to the release of Higaeri Quest chapter 1 sometime this week or next week. ^^

First Release: Ouji ka Prince Chapter 1!

Obsession Scans has finally released it’s first chapter!

To view the download link to Ouji ka Prince Chapter 1 just click to the Project Statuses page!

When it is uploaded to a online reader a link will be updated on the Project Statuses page too~

So what are you waiting for? Go download it and read it now!

And comments/feedback anyone might have can be posted as a comment on this post or just click the ‘Contact Us’ button to send us an email~

Happy Reading!

Also make sure to check out the group we jointed with for this project ->

Month Anniversary/Happy Thanksgiving!

Apparently, I was so oblivious to the days on the calender, I didn’t even notice Obsession Scan’s 1 month anniversary passed by 2 days ago.


Although we have had no releases yet, our first one’s coming soon, so I guess you can expect a update soon going something like ‘Obsession Scans’ First Release’~

And Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

(Oh wait, I’m 1 day late on that one too.. Darn, I seem to be late for everything these days.. )

Suggest a Few Projects

As you know, this is a new group, and right now we only have 2 projects to work on.

I know I might be a bit crazy but I’m accepting a few suggestions, only manga and manhua, since we only have Chinese, and hopefully some Japanese translators soon~

If you would like to suggest a manga/manhua, please post in the forums suggestion section. ^^

I’m only picking up 2 more projects so if you are dying for a certain project to be picked up, you should hurry and suggest one!

(Make sure the project you are suggesting is not licensed or already picked up by another group!)

Thanks, and have a great day!