Title: Beauty!!

Alternate Titles: Beauty, Beauty Research Club, Beauty Research Center,

Author:  Oda Aya

Artist: Oda Aya

Number of Volumes: 6 in total. (Complete)

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo,

Description:  Everytime the dumb, naive, and pretty girl Makoto sees beauty she’ll throw up~! Unfortunately once she enters the school, the first pair she encounters is the super weird, yet beautiful guy, Kiyoshi-sempai, and the incredibly beautiful guy, Atsushi-sempai!! Plus she was forced to join the “Beauty Research Club”, she was put in chains by Kiyoshi-sempai and he just wouldn’t leave her alone. But…the one Makoto actually likes is Atsushi-sempai…!!


(Please do not upload chapters 1-17 anywhere online. The scanlators [Starry Heaven] does not want their projects hosted any where other than Batoto!)


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