Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sorry Everyone. :(

Sorry guys, but the group is getting pretty inactive these days so I think we just might be shutting down..

As for our projects, they’re free for pick up, I’d say. x.x

Oh, but I’ve already gotten an email from one of our staff saying she will be picking up the project Akuma to Love Song  in a different group named Akuma Love Scans. So do not fear! One of our projects have already been picked up!

For those of you who are part of a scanlation group, if you are picking one of our projects up please email me since I might have some work you might want to use (AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT TO THOSE WHO WORKED ON THEM!!!) since I’d feel bad if the group shut down and their hard work went to waste.. D:

Sorry again for this, I really hope that one day maybe this group will start up again or something! 😀