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Akuma to Love Song Chapter 57

Here it is!

Hope you’ll enjoy this chapter too. ^^

If you’d like to make this project a bit faster, cleaners and typesetters would help. 😀

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Maria-Ppoino Chapter 5!

Maria-ppoino chapter 5 is out!

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Hope you enjoy this chapter 😀

(Sorry for the image quality, the scans weren’t so nice D:)

Oh! And I just noticed, it’s almost Obsession Scan’s year anniversary! Just 2 months and a day left to go~

Akuma to Love Song Chapter 56!

Sorry for the delays!

Here is the next chapter of Akuma to Love Song!

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Hope you’ll enjoy this chapter!

New recruitment page added in, feedback on colors and fonts would be greatly appreciated :O (Bit tired when I was making it and had no one to judge for me D:)