Other than our most recent update of chapter 3 of Ouji ka Prince, we also have some updates.

  • The project ‘Beauty!!’ might be dropped after we release chapters 18- 22, due to a lack of interest; and because some of the scenes are inappropriate and so it is lacking staff that will work on it.  We’re deeply sorry for the fans of ‘Beauty!!’ 😦
  • A project that has been suggested ‘Maria-ppoino’ might be picked up in place of ‘Beauty!!’ because a fan inquired about it, and there is someone who’s willing to translate it. 🙂
  • Higaeri Quest, Sorairo Kaigan, and Ninku, all are in need of translators. Anyone who can read and translate the Japanese language into the English language is greatly needed and appreciated! Thank you in advance for anyone who is willing to help out! For anyone interested, please send and email over to ObsessionScans@gmail.com ! (Note: to any people who are Japanese speakers studying English and have a pretty good understanding of it too, this might be a great way to practice your English! :D)
  • Ouji ka Prince is a project in need of a cleaner! We will be making do with what we have until someone is willing to volunteer as a cleaner to help us out!

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Have a lovely manga-filled day~!


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7 responses to “Updates!

  • Mikashi

    If you guys pick up Maria-ppoino! I’d be so happy, I never thought it’d ever finish being translated~~.
    If it gets picked up, are you going to translate it from the very beginning, or are you going to pick up from chapter 5 -since the first 4 chapters have been translated-?
    If it goes well, will you consider picking up a few other series by Natsumi Ando? [the untranslated ones are very short, between 1~3 volumes.]

    Well, enough of my rambling, I suppose.

  • mangasitepremium

    please, Akuma to Love Song 56, need high quality raw?

    • obsessionscans

      I don’t understand if you’re asking if we need better raws or if we should get better raws, so I’ll just answer both. ^^
      We don’t need any raws at the moment because we have raws already.
      If the raw quality is bad to you, feel free to link to some better raws. 🙂

      • Danny

        is chapter 56 of akuma to love song going to be released soon or has the project been dropped for some reason?

      • obsessionscans

        It has not been dropped, and it’s in the middle of typesetting; although I do not know the specified date the typesetter will be done..

        The next chapter is already translated and the one after that is in the process of being translated, so if everything goes smoothly, hopefully some chapters will be out soon!

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