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Higaeri Quest

The chapter names will be changed, so chapter 1.a will be chapter 1 and chapter 1.b will be chapter 2, because each chapter is about 40+ pages so I decided to split the chapters into shorter segments.

Excuse me for the inconvenience. 😦


Higaeri Quest Chapter 1.b

Here it is!

Sorry for the wait!

Read online: [Here]

Download: [Here]

Sadly, until there is a translator for this project, there won’t be any new releases in a while. 😦

If you know anyone who is willing to translator, or if you are a translator yourself, don’t be shy! We’re really in a need for a Japanese translator. 😦


Other than our most recent update of chapter 3 of Ouji ka Prince, we also have some updates.

  • The project ‘Beauty!!’ might be dropped after we release chapters 18- 22, due to a lack of interest; and because some of the scenes are inappropriate and so it is lacking staff that will work on it.  We’re deeply sorry for the fans of ‘Beauty!!’ 😦
  • A project that has been suggested ‘Maria-ppoino’ might be picked up in place of ‘Beauty!!’ because a fan inquired about it, and there is someone who’s willing to translate it. 🙂
  • Higaeri Quest, Sorairo Kaigan, and Ninku, all are in need of translators. Anyone who can read and translate the Japanese language into the English language is greatly needed and appreciated! Thank you in advance for anyone who is willing to help out! For anyone interested, please send and email over to ! (Note: to any people who are Japanese speakers studying English and have a pretty good understanding of it too, this might be a great way to practice your English! :D)
  • Ouji ka Prince is a project in need of a cleaner! We will be making do with what we have until someone is willing to volunteer as a cleaner to help us out!

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

Have a lovely manga-filled day~!

Chapter 3 of Ouji ka Prince is here!

Sorry for the delay!

Our partner had some error with their email, so the chapter had a bump on the road..

Well here they are!:

Download: [Here]

Read Online: [Here]

Hope you enjoy the next chapter, more will be coming soon~