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Recruitment Tests?!

Soon we will probably be adding recruitment tests, no decided date as to when they will be added!

Tests will probably be quite simple, tests consisting of something like:

  • Proofreading Test = Probably a paragraph or several sentences with several grammatical mistakes, as well as misspelled words, and punctuation mistakes. The test taker will have to correct all the mistakes they can find.
  • Cleaning Test = Probably a few pages of randomly selected pages from raws for the test taker to clean. Pages will probably test skills in cloning, leveling, cleaning text off, removing dust, etc.
  • Typesetting Test = Probably some cleaned pages with a average looking script with sentences to typeset.
  • Quality Checking Test = Probably a few completed scanlations with a few mistakes for correction.
  • Editor Test = Will be the cleaning and typsetting test together. For the typesetting part, they will use the raws they have cleaned.

No news on a Translators test, since there is no one to make them until further notice..

Well, that’s it for now. ^^

Have a Happy New Year~


Ouji ka Prince Chapter 2~

Here’s the link to download: [Here]

Please note there is a 30 hour waiting period before you can upload the scans on other readers. ^^

You can read it online at Batoto here: [Here]

Hope you enjoy the release~

Sorairo Kaigan Chapter 6!


Our second release~

Feel free to download it here: [Link]

Read it online at Batoto here: [Link]

Please do not remove the added pages when uploading them onto readers online!

It’s rude to remove the credit pages, rude to the people who helped scanlate the chapter!

But have fun reading~ ^^

Picking Up a New Project

Obsession Scans is picking up another project, Higaeri Quest!

Read more about the manga here~ : [Higaeri Quest]

That’s all for this update.

Have a nice day/evening/afternoon, wherever you are!


Obsession Scans is going to be using Batoto as our main reader, so whenever a project comes out it will be uploaded there first. Although other readers like MangaFox and MangaReader are more well-known amongst everyone, Batoto as a reader is much more respectful and has a quality that’s a lot better than the alternatives.

I’d also like to ask everyone to not complain about the speed of the scanlating, since we can’t dedicate our whole lives to laboring to help bring scans out. Sending mail complaining about the speed of the scanlations will not make us go any faster, just make us mad/annoyed. We’re trying our best to get these scanlations out, so the best thing to do is to just do whatever you’d usually do and be patient. ^^


Obsession Scans will be picking up a dropped project named Akuma to Love Song, you can read the bio under the ongoing projects section of the menu.

Here’s a direct link to the bio of the manga if you’d rather just click it now: [here]

The staff page that was mentioned in the last update will be delayed. This is due to the confusion I have gotten from people signing up to work as staff then vanishing via email..?

I also am planing to change the format of the menu, so in a few weeks you might expect to just be clicking ‘Ongoing Projects’ or ‘Joint Projects’ rather than mousing over the titles to click on the individual project. Although I’m not 100% sure I will make this change, just keep it in mind if one day you wonder ‘Why is the menu not loading?!’.

And also, regarding the project Ouji ka Prince and uploading it on manga reader sites, please make sure to not remove the disclaimer, the credit page, and the recruitment pages. We need to make sure the Mangaka get’s their share of respect, as well as the people who took their time out to help scanlate the chapter!

Well, that’s all for now. Hope you have a wonderful week~