Give a Warm Welcome to Obsession Scans~

Hello everyone!

It seems you have somehow stumbled upon this page. Thank you for visiting~

We are a new scanlation group, hoping to pick up projects that were dropped and forgotten, or never picked up at all. We have just opened up, and to tell you the truth, right now there’s only 1 member in this group… I hope that everyone who hopes to start out fresh in a newly opened group would gladly apply to join. We are willing to take in inexperienced people. Right now we are recruiting every type of  job we have open, which is basically everything.

This includes: Cleaners, Typesetters, Editors, Chinese/Japanese Translators, Quality Checkers, and Proofreaders.

We currently have no test, but feel free to email us at with the job you want to pick up and any other information that you think would be important for us to know~

The projects we will be picking up to start out with will be Beauty!! and Ninku.

Hope to see you in our community~

Make sure to register at our forum to really get yourself into it~

Have a safe, manga-filled day at Obsessive Scans, and anywhere else you are~ ❤


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